Review of Easy Rider and Alice’s Restaurant and a letter exchange after publication (NY Review of Books, 1970)

-The publication featured this after Dennis Hopper died, so clearly I capitalized by linking here.

On the Barricades (NY Times, 1998)

EW reviews “The Sixties.”

A Good Men’s Magazine is Hard to Find (Slate, 1999)

EW contemplates what makes a good men’s magazine in light of Michael Caruso being fired from Details.

Other People’s Lives (NY Times, 1999)

EW on the problem with biographies.

Steal This Myth: Why We Still Try to Re-create the Rush of the 60s (NY Times, 2000)

EW reviews the Abbie Hoffman biopic, “Steal This Movie.”

Mix Sex and Politics; Add A Feminist Twist (NY Times, 2000)

EW reviews “The Contender” through a feminist lens.

Our Mobsters, Ourselves (The Nation, 2001)

EW’s classic (and trendsetting) essay on The Sopranos.

In My Lonely Room (First of the Month, 2001)

EW on the “Mirroring Evil” exhibit at the Jewish Museum.

Whom Would You Add to Lee Bolinger’s Task Force? (NYU Journalism Forum, 2002)

EW nominates cultural journalist Donna Gaines and explains why.