The World

Before the War (The Village Voice, 1989)

EW ponders the Rushdie affair. (Following the reprint are a bunch of tributes to her.)

The Breakfast Table-Aronowitz and Willis (, 1999)

EW and Stanley Aronowitz (her husband) in a forum about the news of the day. (Note to Slate: bring this amazing feature back!)

Bringing the Holy War Home (The Nation, 2001)

Post-9/11, EW relates the attacks to the cultural war back at home.

The Times of Our Lives (NYU Journalism forum, 2001)

EW reflects on her personal 9/11 experience.

Why I’m not for peace (Radical Society, 2002)

EW highlights the illusion that Peace as an ethos can somehow sidestep the moral ambiguities inherent in being an American citizen.

The Realities of War (Boston Review, 2002)

A response to Elaine Scarry’s Citizenship in Emergency.

Confronting the Contradictions (Dissent, 2003)

Opposing the Iraq war, but not without subtleties.

The Mass Psychology of Terrorism (Implicating Empire, 2003)

EW explains what psychology might’ve had to do with 9/11.

On Paul Berman’s “Terror and Liberalism” (, 2003)

Ellen Willis Responds (Dissent, 2003)

EW weighs in on the Iraq War.